To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!
Abuja, Nigeria
To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!


The JDA-LO located in Sao Tome, DRSTP was established by the Nigeria-Sao Tome & Principe Joint Development Zone Treaty signed, 21st February, 2001 and came into existence 16th January, 2002 upon inauguration of the Board.

In the spirit of the Treaty, JDA-LO is headed by the Liaison Officer who must be a Sao Tomean and Deputy Liaison Officer who must be a Nigerian.

The current Liaison Officer (LO) is Mr. Mario Joao Dos Santos while the Deputy Liaison Officer (DLO) is Mr. Chindo El-Farid Uche-Okeke, profiles are:

Mr. Dos Santos (LO) with educational background in Finance and Accounting was employed in JDA and posted to headquarters, 2004 and has since served in the following capacities;

2004 – 2014: Served as Internal Auditor.

2014 – June 2015: Served as Senior Accountant

June, 2014: Transferred to STP on appointment as, Liaison Officer

Mr. Uche-Okeke (DLO) with educational background in Public Administration and Environmental Resources Management was employed at JDA headquarters, 2002 and has since served in the following capacities;

2002 – 2004: Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Board

2004 – 2016: Principal Planning Officer, Non-Hydrocarbon Resources

January, 2017: Transferred to STP on appointment as, Deputy Liaison Officer

Former Liaison Officers are:

  1. Dr. Olegario Tiny
  2. Mr. Eugenio Tenjua
  3. Engr. Eugenio Nascimento
  4. Mr. Arzemiro Prazeres
  5. Mrs. Margarida Branco

Former Deputy Liaison Officers are:

  1. Mr. Abba Dabo
  2. Mr. Abubakar Bata Mohammed
  3. Mr. Ismaila Karagama
  4. Mr. Ejimofor Agbachi
  5. Mrs Vivien Nlebemuo

The Treaty broadly outlines the function(s) of JDA-LO.

Functions of the Liaison Office:

 The Liaison Office though receiving directives from headquarter, performs all the functions of JDA in DRSTP and they (functions) are as follows:

  • LO regulates and monitors the activities of JDA contractors and Operators activities in DRSTP.
  • LO oversees and performs all financial and administrative tasks of the JDA in DRSTP.
  • LO interfaces with all relevant STP Government and public institutions.
  • LO interfaces with private firms in STP that have established business relationships with JDA as well as those desirous to establish such relations with JDA.
  • LO interfaces with diplomatic missions and other international organizations located in STP.
  • Prepares the Liaison Office Annual Budget




Vila Maria, Estrada de Pantufo, Perto de Pirata

CP 989

São Tome

Democratic Republic of São Tome & Principe

 Telephone: +2392242700