To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!
Abuja, Nigeria
To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!

Corporate and Public Affair Unit (CPAU)

The Nigeria Sao Tome and Principe Joint Development Zone (JDZ) is an area of overlapping maritime boundary claims of the state parties situated in the Gulf of Guinea and cove an area of 34,540Sq km.

The JDZ was established via a Treaty signed in Abuja on the 21st of February 2001, for the Joint Development of the Petroleum and other natural resources in the Zone. The Treaty has been ratified by the national assemblies of the state parties and deposited at the United Nations.

Key Provisions of the JDZ Treaty:

  • Establishment of the JDZ in a specific area as defined by the 32 coordinates.
  • The two states parties to develop the resources of the zone and proceeds shared on a 60/40 basis (60% to Nigeria and 40% to Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
  • The JDZ Treaty is valid for 45years,subject to review after 30years
  • No renunciation of claims to the zone

The Joint Development Authority (JDA) is the organization established by the Treaty 
between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe for the economic development of all resources in the Joint 
Development Zone (JDZ) within the Gulf of Guinea.

The Corporate and Public Affairs Unit is responsible for managing the public 
perception of the JDA, through public enlightenment and dissemination of 
relevant information on the activities of the JDA.

The CPAU also performs other functions including, public relations, 
media relations, and Events Management and protocol, along with logistic and support services of the organization.

The CPAU meets the JDA’s need to run an effective administrative system that will enable the organization to achieve the objectives and goals contained in the Treaty which established it for the benefits of the State Parties.

Following the gazetting of Headquarters’ Agreement between the Ministry of 
Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the JDA in 2004, in which 
JDA was granted full diplomatic status with all the applicable rights, immunities 
and privileges, it fell squarely on the CPAU to ensure the 
actualization of these benefits to the JDA as an organization.

In the discharge of its duties, the internal interface includes all JDA staff and all the departments of the organization while the external interface include the Ministry 
of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Missions, International Organizations, Immigration 
Services, Customs Services, Print and Electronic media, airlines, Travel Agents, Hotels, airport authorities, Consultants, and JDA Block Operators.