To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!
Abuja, Nigeria
To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!


JDZ Investment International Limited (JDZIIL) is a wholly own investment arm of Nigeria-Sao Tome and Principe Joint Development Authority (NSTPJDA), a joint government agency established under a treaty in 2002 by Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Sao- Tome and Principe (DRSTP) with her Head office situated at No 13 Audu Ogbeh Street off Ashek J arma Street, J abi, Abuja, Nigeria and a liaison office in Sao Tome. JDZIIL is charged with the responsibility of managing activities relating to exploration and exploitation of resources in the Joint Development Zone, an area of overlapping maritime claims between Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Sao- Tome and Principe and beyond. In our role as a Special Purpose Vehicle, the JDZIIL is mandated to source for and engage in various investments in Nigeria, DRSTP and internationally which would be of benefit to the JDA and State parties. We are strategically positioned to deliver functional expertise and practical approach in investing in viable businesses in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe and Internationally in line with the international best practices and standards. JDZIIL possess the requisite skills and experience to perform effectively and efficiently.

Within our portfolio, we have interests in various projects and investments which cut across several sectors and industries such as oil and gas, integrated fisheries, agriculture, tourism and construction etc. JDZIIL was incorporated in the 2005 initially as Joint Development Zone Investment Nigeria Limited. A change in name became necessary in the year 2012 in order to reflect its true status as opposed to being perceived as a Nigeria company. The JDZIIL was approved by the Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) as a Special Purpose Vehicle, in order to operate, invest and generate revenue for the JDA as the investment and commercial arm of the Joint Development Authority (JDA).

JDZIIL was repositioned and strengthened to embark upon a deliberate and aggressive drive to boost its investment activities by identifying viable business opportunities both within and outside the Joint Development Zone (JDZ), and attract investments for the benefit of the state parties, and to fund the activities and operations of the JDA.

JDZIIL has so far identified and unlock various multi-million dollar investment/business opportunities, cutting across different sectors in Nigeria and DRSTP through various partnerships. The company has also attracted several serious business and investment proposals and enquiries from potential investors in Nigeria and beyond.

These impressive outcomes, have not only unveiled JDZIIL as a credible and viable vehicle in the region but has also revealed its immense untapped potentials as a strategic vehicle in attracting major investors to the state parties for national growth and development.

Below are some of the ongoing projects and investments processes in pursuit of our mandates;

  • JDZIIL is a party to an Agreement with the Government of Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe (GDRSTP) to establish a Mini Ultra- Modern LPG Plant/Facility to process and distribute LPG gas for both domestic and Industrial use. Presently the plant is it completion stage and retail of LPG gas have since commenced in Sao Tome & We are estimated to meet the entire DRSTP’s LPG gas demand and also that of the entire Gulf of Guinea.
  • JDZIIL are now charged with the responsibility of managing all the JDZ Oil blocks under the supervision of the Chairman of the Board of JDZIIL/JDA. JDZIIL also charged with the management of contracts, in the area of provision of equipment, services and technical requirements necessary for proper functioning and execution of petroleum operations with regards to JDZ blocks subject to any prescribed requirements and competitiveness with regards to price etc.
  • JDZIIL is a party to several agreements [memorandum of understanding (MOU)] with several investors for various projects which includes;
  1. BEATCO ET! Corporation, has entered into a definitive agreements for investment in the area of construction of a 3 and 5 Star Hotels with a Gulf course, Jet Al Tank Farm, Refrigerated Bonded Ware House within the Abuja airport project and setting up of integrated Fisheries Project in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe (DRSTP), also to secure long term petroleum products import contract/license to Nigeria, since they have a long standing and successful arrangement with reputable refineries for the lifting and supply of refined petroleum products (Russian Crude, Diesel, Mazut, Marine Fuel, Aviation Fuel etc, for export to Asia, Europe and the African Markets. Also the agreement covers for the Exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources in Nigeria
  2. World Wide Energy (WWE) to make proposal to design, engineer manufacture, and install a 10 MW Waste – to – Energy plant for the Government of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe GDRSTP the project will generate energy and as well facilitate the reduction and/or elimination of Municipal Solid waste & Bio-Solid Waste produced and provided by clients.
  3. FMB Corporate Link for the construction, operation and management of a Marine port, Logistic Base and Fishing Terminal
    with related supporting processing, storage and servicing facilities in Sao Tome and Principe.
  4. AMBER ENERGI for the setting up of a Refinery with capacity of up to 100,000 Barrels per day in Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe (DRS TP),
  5. AVOCADO Investment International Limited and PUREZA Investment International Limited are both our investment partners whom facilitates and source for investors both locally and internationally.
  6. JDZIIL is a partner in the Abuja airport project under consortium of the Aerotropolis Development Company Limited (ADCL) for the development of the Abuja International airport as business hub utilizing the 2,000 Hectares of land secured around the airport for the projects. The aim of the project is to attract foreign direct investment into Nigeria; to enable infrastructural development as is seen in other parts of the world.
  • JDZIIL is into Real Estate Development currently in Abuja.
  • We are also into Recreations, Tourism/Retreats in DRSTP.
  • Cargopolis Makurdi Airport Project

As a result of the deregulation of the Aviation industry in 2013, private sector participation has been greatly encouraged.

In 2015, JDZIIL in conjunction with the Benue State Government embarked on a project to build a cargo airport in Makurdi on 6,000 Hectares of land allocated for the purpose.