To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!
Abuja, Nigeria
To ensure the efficient development of the JDZ Resources!

The Finance and Administration Department is a very vital component for the overall functioning of the Authority’

Since inception it has put in place the right policies that of international standards to enable the Authority cope with contemporary challenges and a dynamic environment which is always evolving.

It has the following sub units:

  • Finance & Accounts
  • Revenue
  • Budget
  • Audited Accounts

Mandate of the Administration Department include:

  • General Office Management & Running
  • Transport Management
  • Assets Management
  • Property Management
  • Managing external relations
  • Stores and Inventory and Management


The Administration, Maintenance and Procurement Units are under the Finance 
and Administration Department and are saddled with the following 



In any organisation, the most valued asset is its employees The JDA fully recognises 
that its ability to continue successfully in business is dependent entirely on the 
knowledge, skills, experience and attitude of all of its employees.

The Human Resources Unit is responsible for managing the relationship between JDA 
as the employer and the individuals from the two nations working within the organisation.

The HRU aims to maximize employee performance & productivity in In line with the 
Vision and the Mission of the JDA strategic objectives by adding value to the growth of 
the JDZ (Zone) and ultimately to the economies and peoples of the state parties by the 
following functions:

  • Employment of a highly competent, qualitative and skilled workforce from the 
nationals of the state parties.
  • Handling issues relating to recruitment, placement, deployment & promotion of Employees.
  • Ensuring the attainment of skills needed to function in the JDA while providing 
each employee opportunities for advancement through training & development 
policies & programmes and performance management.
  • Development & management of a highly motivated staff through competitive 
reward system.
  • Ensuring the Human Resources Policies are implemented for the mutual benefit 
of JDA and its employees by monitoring employee welfare, employee-relations & 
disciplinary issues.
  • That the Conditions of employment are continuously. Monitored to attract, 
motivate and retain employees at a competitive level.
  1. Administration Unit: This unit is responsible for the implementation and 
review of administrative policies and office management, and the assets of 
the JDA.
  2. Procurement Unit: Responsible for the general procurement of office equipment 
and supplies based on the provisions of the- JDA accounting manual and the 
recommendations of the JDA tenders committee. The procurement unit also 
supervises the central store and inventory.
  3. Maintenance Unit: Responsible for the daily supervision and upkeep of electricity, 
generators, water, Air conditioners and vehicles, as well as the vendors that offer 
support services.