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Abuja, Nigeria

Mr. Adriano Carvalho D’ Almeida (Executive Director, Non Hydrocarbon Resources)

A graduate of the University of Algarve with a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance, (2003). Mr. D’ Almeida has worked as an accountant for many small firms in Portugal, (1994-1998). He worked in the then biggest bank group in Portugal, Caixa Geral De Depositos – Faro Office, (1999-2000).

Mr. D’ Almeida served as an economist in the Institute to support small and medium firms and investments, Ministry of Economics, Portugal. His duty was to prepare firms for the new currency, EURO, (2001-2002). He worked as private accountant; (2002 – 2003), then went on to become a technician in Algarve Tours (2003). He was employed as accountant in the Nigeria Sao Tome and Principe JDA in 2003 where he worked until his appointment as Executive Director by the government of Sao Tome and Principe in August, 2018

Mr. D’ Almeida is married with children.